Atlas Tracking

Proprietary high-frequency polling that enables you to be the first
to know when public opinion shifts and the likelihood
of political outcomes changes.

Atlas Tracking PRO

Tracking PRO brings you the power of real-time polling. Each day, we collect new answers from randomly-invited online respondents. Our sample is then carefully re-weighted using a proprietary algorithm to ensure national representativity and benefits from additional robustness checks to eliminate any potential distortions.

Depending on the specific country, the target variables for sample representativeness may vary. However, across all of our studies the results are calibrated to ensure accurate representation on: gender, age group, geographic region, socioeconomic level, and intensity of social media usage.

The Tracking PRO methodology seeks to provide a cost-effective solution for high-frequency polling while also correcting for the various types of bias of online and telephone (RDD) polling, especially differential non-response.

Atlas Tracking PRO has a strong track-record of anticipating reliable face-to-face surveys and actual outcomes. During the 2018 presidential election in Brazil, Atlas Tracking PRO outperformed all other tracking methodologies, consistently predicting Datafolha results and the final presidential results within a 2% margin of error.

Tracking PRO is available to a limited number of subscribers. If you are interested in further details regarding pricing or methodology, please contact us.

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