About Us

Atlas Intelligence combines the most advanced quantitative and experimental methods in business analytics with cutting-edge big data technologies to provide solid insights, resting upon tested, scientific methodologies.

Our Team

Andrei Roman


Thiago Costa


Claudio Gonzáles

Managing Partner, Mexico (LOA)

Henrique Furlan

Chief Software Engineer

Jean Vinge

iOS Developer

Pedro Souza

Android Developer

Tracking Pro

Proprietary high-frequency polling that enables you to be the first to know when public opinion shifts and the likelihood of political outcomes changes.


Atlas Monitor

Atlas Monitor is a customizable social media intelligence tool that provides granular monitoring of businesses, organizations, topics, political campaigns, etc.


Catalyst News

Catalyst News is a news aggregator that enables you to find niche content on strategic topics for your organization.


Atlas Político

Atlas Político is a political transparency platform that empowers citizens to keep their politicians accountable.