Big data, big ideas

We develop big data solutions that empower decision-making, strategic planning, and risk management.


Atlas Intelligence provides customized big data and technology solutions for solving complex business challenges.

Management Consulting

Thought partners for senior management dealing with major strategic decisions.

Political Risk

Data-driven solutions for world-class political risk analysis.

Polling Tools

Scientific tools for analyzing consumer insights in real time.


Predictive models for strategic decision-making & risk readiness.


Advanced encryption technologies.

Data Dashboards

Versatile dashboards & visualizations helping you extract key insights from huge data-sets.

Social Media Intel

Granular indicators and micro-targeting tools for understanding and improving your social media impact and ad spend.

App Development

End-to-end development of mobile solutions.

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Tracking Pro

Proprietary high-frequency polling that enables you to be the first to know when public opinion shifts and the likelihood of political outcomes changes.


Atlas Monitor

Atlas Monitor is a customizable social media intelligence tool that provides granular monitoring of businesses, organizations, topics, political campaigns, etc.


Catalyst News

Catalyst News is a news aggregator that enables you to find niche content on strategic topics for your organization.


Atlas Político

Atlas Político is a political transparency platform that empowers citizens to keep their politicians accountable.